Get Ready for Winter with a Complete Auto Winter Survival Kit

Tis the season to celebrate different holidays and to get your car ready for motoring in the wintertime. Part of the process is getting your vehicle fully winterized, according to Maranello Alfa Romeo. You also need to make a winter survival kit for your car to keep you and yours safe and secure when motoring in Vaughan and elsewhere.

Your car's winter survival kit needs a full spectrum of basic items like jumper cables, a powerful flashlight, extra batteries, additional clothing, and warm blankets. A comprehensive kit comes complete with vital first aid supplies, extra fresh bottled water, and nonperishable food items.

Your car's survival kit for winter needs a snow shovel and kitty litter. Kitty litter can be invaluable when stuck on ice or in show and extra traction is needed to get moving. Don't forget the windshield ice scrapper.


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