How You Can Safely Share the Road with People Ride Bicycles

Some people get angry when they see a person on a bicycle, riding on the road with other vehicles. This is actually a very legal and accepted thing to do. Bicyclists can follow the same rules of the road that automobiles do in order to get where they need to go. They're required to use hand signals to accommodate for their lack of bike features, but it's expected that you watch out and adjust how you're driving.

Passing a bicyclist requires you to leave 4 feet of space in between the two of you. If they are in front of you, leave enough space in between, in case you need to stop abruptly.

You should be watching out for children on their bikes as well. Kids might not understand all the rules of riding on the road or near it. They might miss a stop sign and pass through an intersection. You should be watching so you can stop quickly.



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